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Bruria Pasternak

11:00〜19:00 ※土は16:00まで  @Bokushin Gallery
◆22日(月)/17:00- レセプションパーティー

イスラエルの女性アーティストBruria Pasternakの個展。


The exhibition "Dreams" contains Mix-Media works:  Photos, Collages, Objects, and Video-Arts.  The Israeli artist, Bruria Pasternak, creates dialogues between different cultures (Western, Eastern, and
Mediterranean), and different periods.

Following her visits to Japan, she tries to touch Japanese culture in such carefulness and sensitivity that characterize the curiosity of a primary experience.

She describes her impressions with restraint and conciseness that characterize  Japanese songs.

She contemplates the "Japannism" through a veil, trying to create – out of her personal inner vision - an atmosphere of mystery and dream.


Exhibition by Bruria PasternakMon. 22nd Nov. - Sat. 4th Dec.201011:00〜19:00 ※ Last day till 16:00Mon.22nd/Reception Party@Bokushin GalleryBruria Pasternak is an Israeli artist whose multidisciplinary activities consist of Mix-media:Photography,Video-Art, Design, Painting, Objects, Installation works, and Music-espacial, Klezmer Music. She had many exhibitions in Israel, Europe, U.S.A., Mexico,Japan, and some of her works exist already in famous collections. Bruria Pasternak is an experienced guide in art-workshops, and a lecturer about contemporary art inspired by Traditions. She works as a curator of ethnographic and contemporary art exhibitions.Website: http://bruriapasternak.com/apage/26273.php

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