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-class for sketch of nude by pboxx-
 20分×5ポーズ 150分 / 20 min.×5 poses 150 min.
平日コース18:00-(定員次第開講告知)/ Course of a Weekday
◆1回券3,000 / 1 class 3,000 yen
◆クーポン×5 14,000円 / coupon×5 14,000 yen
◆ クーポン×10 26,000円 / coupon×10 26,000 yen
土曜コース14:00- / Saturday Class
◆ 月謝12,000円 / month 12,000 yen

※ それぞれ別途で入会金あり10,000円 / admission fee 10,000 yen
※ 皆様の発表の場としての展示会を、定例的に当画廊と横浜のホールで催します。
フェアリーホール(横浜)   牧神画廊(銀座)

持ち物 / Preparing
希望者はこちらで画材を揃えます。(木炭、食パン、エスキース帳など)/ We can prepare a materials for beginner.
ご自身で用意される場合は、各自でお持ち下さい。/ Or prepare own drawing materials.
(例:鉛筆、消しゴム、ねりけし、スケッチブックなど) / for example; pencil,sketchbook,kneaded eraser,etc…
場所 / Place
 牧神画廊 / Bokushin Gallery 
連絡先 / Contact
〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座7-13-22磯部ビル2F / Isobe building 2F 7-13-22 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo
tel:03-5148-5821 fax:03-5148-5822  email:pboxx@pierota.co.jp
銀座駅A3出口より徒歩5分 / by foot 5min.from the station Ginza(exit A3)

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pboxx is a label created by Bokushin Gallery geared toward contemporary visual artists and musicians. Bokushin Gallery has a 36-year history as a contemporary art gallery, and the pboxx label continues the Bokushin tradition as it creates a space that showcases new work by young artists from around the world.
It’s a place for artists to collaborate, and an installation space in which both artists and guests can enjoy the creative process. Through pboxx, you will see many styles of art,exhibitions, live performances, artlectures, and other attractions you won’t find anywhere else.
Stop by this exciting venue to see an endless variety of art, to enjoy live music, or just chat in our relaxing atmosphere.

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